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Platform for B2B and B2C

Create B2C or B2B Product Marketplace that enable buyers to purchase products in a single order. Create the next Etsy or develop a nice marketplace for your industry using hundreds of powerful functions custom designed specifically to enable product ecommerce.


Product marketplaces can either be targeted at customers (B2C) businesses (B2B) or can be combined to target both consumers and businesses using multi-marketplace capabilities of Genesis Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform.

A product marketplace is one where the sellers or vendors sell physical, virtual, or downloadable products to customers.

Key features of a product marketplace are:

  1. The products are physical or virtual goods that require delivery or can be downloaded from the marketplace.
  2. Most product marketplace entail some form of shipping, where the marketplace needs to manage their own shipping fees.
  3. Product marketplaces require the management of inventory and may require support for multiple restaurants.

Genesis Multi-vendor Marketplace considers how each vendor would need to manage hundreds if not thousands of SKU’s that’s why we design a platform that has a robust scalability.

Genesis Marketplace ensures the following suite of capabilities

Fast search.

Ability for vendors on the marketplace to import their products.

Ability for vendors to manage their product catalogue.

Faceted navigation with the ability to filter and sort products quickly and efficiently

The ability to quickly create additional product attributes for different product types.

The ability for vendors to set promotions and discounts.

For B2B marketplaces, the ability to set pricing tiers, minimum order quantities, max order quantities and to hide/show products based on the customer.

Data Driven Homepage, customize based on audience behavior and actions.

  • Your Past Purchase - All the products that has previously purchased is visible in your homepage to make the re-purchasing easy.

  • Recommended Products - These are the same products (but different brand) with different price point that the customers purchase or browse.

  • Related Products/You might also like - These are the related product that is connected to customer purchase or item browse, our customer persona (example she bought a flashlight; the related products are battery).

  • Your next obsession/products that you will surely love.

  • Continue your purchase - These are the abandoned products that was added in the cart and did not successfully complete the checkout.

User Dashboard that is design to increase conversion, engagement and customer acquisition.

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Dashboard: Complete visibility of your account in an easy interface.


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