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GENESIS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ASIA (GENESIS) is a fast-emerging company involved in the business of innovative Software as a Service (SaaS), eCommerce Solutions, and Digital Marketing.

Headquartered in the Lion City, Singapore, GENESIS has founded its Technology and Marketing services in the Southeast Asian region to create effective business solutions for small businesses.

GENESIS serves as the marketing arm of various brands for performing the ultimate job of conceptualizing design identities, establishing customer and brand relationship, managing uninterrupted import and export set-ups, coordinating manufacturing requirements, running both online and physical stores, and finally distributing the products to the rest of the world.

Pioneered by the successful online reign of children’s wear Zuri Baby Couture, GENESIS has made this brand the business model in achieving success in the global market.

As of today, Zuri Baby Couture managed by GENESIS, is present in the primary market places across the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. By 2020 Zuri Baby Couture will expand its collection to Kids line (Zuri Kids Couture) and will expand its business scope and launch Global eCommerce store Apps, Franchise Business Opportunities, and expand its network to Europe and USA.

At GENESIS, a business is radically progressive not just because of positive results, but more importantly, in having established a great working environment with empowered employees and an excellent customer and after-sales relationship. A personal touch is key to growing a business. With the creative blend of leadership, complementary team, respect, honesty, and open communication, Genesis is determined to achieve its goals for success. We at Genesis believes that when the employees are treated well within a passionate community, excellent customer service follows, as the employees love what they do.

Before the end of 2020, Genesis will launch the organic skincare brand Skin Revolution in Singapore, together with the kick-off distribution of 20 European Brands for southeast Asia Distribution.

GENESIS is eyeing to unveil more brands before the second quarter of 2020. In five years, it looks forward to operating eight Global e-commerce stores, plus, expanding its business scope through Brand Development, franchising and software development.

GENESIS created a complete ecosystem of services to grow brands globally, including an entire network of warehouse facilities in Southeast Asia, USA, and Europe.

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